The ROI of Strategy

When we socialize with a professional strategist we all presume we know exactly what that person does and how they  do it. The truth is, when we start getting more information and asking more questions, we realize we really didn’t know what they did or the way they make an impact.

I’m a tactical marketing strategist,  You would think when I’m sitting across from another strategist that I would have a pretty good read about their skill set and methods. But, I didn’t.  What I did learn was valuable, and I had more questions. So, I figured I should do an interview with this strategist and share it with my listeners.

That strategist is Alex Brueckmann, who originated from Germany and Now resides in Canada. He has 15 years experience working with some huge brands and I met him while he is completing his 1st book and growing a business that its goal is to facilitate strategy for small businesses, entrepreneurs, even solopreneurs. What makes this interesting, most small businesses or solo operators don’t usually get access to this type of help and most of the time they can’t imagine the impact it can make during this stage of their business.

They and you are about to find out otherwise. I asked Alex questions that I think most small operators would want the answers to. And it opened my eyes to what is possible when you can get a guy like this helping you find the best way forward.

How to contact Alex Brueckmann

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