That’s the Spot

Oh yeah, that’s the spot. You may have heard it or said it. It’s your reaction when something so right, happens in the right place, at the right time. Don’t let your mind drift into the gutter. I keep it clean on this podcast. However, we would miss  something if we didn’t recognize a few things about the spot. What spot you might ask?

The spot is the precisely the spot where you excel, the place where people can find you operating in your circle of competence. The spot where people find you in the right place, at the right time with the right message, product or service, and you exist right in the middle of that spot, like or not!

And that is what this weeks episode is all about!

Making It All Work

This weeks topic about finding the Spot was my way of trying to show you the importance of niching in, more than you already are. That there is work to do, before all the other work you do goes to waste. Sure it takes some really deep honest conversations about you, your product or service. But thats the only way.

It’s time to realize that if your aren’t in the right spot and not niched in, it could be the main reason your content isn’t as effective as you though it would be. If you let your niche problems remain in your blind spot, you will work really hard to create good content, that will go to waste on the wrong audiences.

Being niched it helps you get the discipline you might need to stay consistently on topic, so there is no doubt what you’re about and have people invite you on their journey. More confident your services or products will help them just the way they needed.

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