It All Works Podcast Episode 6

That’s Not Niche

There’s been some funny debates as to what a niche is and as crazy as this sounds, some niche deniers. Feeling like they are getting put in a box if they have to define their niche. It really doesn’t matter, because no matter what your business does, it’s extremely suited to a core group people. But it’s not suited for everyone. Whether you know it or not, understand it or define your niche,  it will still be the main reason people do business with you.
Knowing and understanding their niche is most peoples blind spot. It’s a problem for entrepreneurs to understand that there is a conceptual problem with their business. Because it’s in the background. It’s also understandable that business owners don’t see it as the problem. First of all, they aren’t niche or marketing specialists, they are specialist in the thing they created a business around. I’m not saying they don’t know who they serve, they might not be able to clearly define it enough so that definition can help them connect with the ones that need them the most.

It’s a process, and if it’s done right it will be your compass.

Making It All Work

My advice is simple. If you want to improve the impact of every piece of content you create in the future, I suggest you look in the past.  You really need to see if your content has been directed at the people you can help the most. Or has it been directed to a number of different types. Maybe you’ve been creating work that is a bit too broad.

Look at videos and interviews you’ve done, can you tell what kind of an audience it was most helpful for. Look at the events you’ve been a part of, were they your ideal audience or was it a bit of a stretch.

I’ve had others do this exercise and have people come back to me a say, I realized I wasn’t always talking to the same people people, or the right people. Or, I had no good reason for doing an event for the wrong audience, and the results proved it. It might be a little heartbreaking, but it’s part of how we find the way forward. And if you’re serious about getting your niche figured out, you can always contact by email from this page.

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