Stay in your lane and go faster

There’s too much swan necking and lane changing going on with online entrepreneurs. And most, if not all of it is unnecessary. Most people make changes, pivot and try all sort of new things long before it was warranted. There at least needs to be more data before such swift decisions are made.

There’s too many people making changes before anything they are doing has a chance to prove it’s working. They might actually be walking away from success before it occurs. In this weeks episode I discuss what it means to stay in your lane. The common mistakes people make that cause them to change lanes, and of course what are the benefits and how to stay in the lane and put the pedal to the metal and go faster.

Making It All Work

Here is some practical tips to help you stay in your lane.

  1. Stop searching for something new when things slow down a little, instead look back at what worked already and do it again, maybe even bigger. Strategies do continue to work if done properly and under the right conditions.
  2. Focus on what you do best and be mindful of your competition. If they are shifting their strategy you don’t need to shift yours. The only time it’s relevant is if what they are doing impacts you directly and quickly.
  3. Try going  a little further, don’t make the mistake of giving up just before you are suppose to succeed. You might feel like your business is going to succeed, and you may even visualize it, but we can’t actually see it.  When success arrives you will have to be there to receive it. You might not know exactly when, but as long as you are doing all you can to make it work, you are creating the opportunity.

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