Self Inflicted Marketing Pain

It’s not fun when your marketing isn’t able to support or grow your business. But it’s exponentially worse when you marketing pains are self inflicted. Present day, entrepreneurs have more ways of independently marketing their businesses than they had 25 years ago. And the reach went from local/regional to worldwide thanks to the internet.  Just one question, could people be getting it so wrong that it’s working against them ?

It’s great that we can do all these new things to get eyes on our businesses.  But a lot of people didn’t stop for a second to wonder if they are doing it right, or doing it so wrong it’s hurting them. They built a business with a special product or skill and then took on the role being a marketing expert too. Well, a high percentage didn’t succeed, and there are a quite a few suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Most of you didn’t plan on being marketing professionals. However you saw the value in learning how to promote your business online. Most businesses are small, and unless you can afford to hire a marketing agency, your best and only bet is on you. But beware, there are things you could be doing that not only aren’t working as you thought, but because you are willfully doing them, you are inflecting pain on yourself and your business.

I’m going deep on 5 different ways entrepreneurs are torturing themselves. There are various ways it happens. They could be failing to see the importance of something necessary. They could be hasty, lazy or even overwhelmed to realize what they are doing is a terrible mistake and a waste of their precious time and effort and money.

Making It All Work

This one is different. I’m not about to tell you what to do next. there isn’t enough time in the podcast to do that. What I want to share is, it is likely that you are not doing just one of these things to yourself.

When I think of some of the people I’ve helped and others I’ve observed. I would say they are inflicted 3 or more of these at the same time. I have done this to myself too and it was important to figure it out. Also you have to be humble and aware that you can accidentally slip back into doing these things to yourself.  And these are just 5 of the many that you could be doing, but I believe they are the important ones.

PLAN Wisely
Don’t GIVE UP at the wrong time

I hope you enjoyed the 10th episode of It All Works on Self Inflicted Marketing Pain. I have a lot of experience with this, personally and helping others with theme. If you feel you need help or would like to ask a question about this topic, please feel free to email me from this episode page.

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