Organic Traffic Jam

Organic traffic is one of the most sought after things entrepreneurs are looking for. And not so long ago it was easier to get. Usually during the honeymoon period between the us and a new growing social media app.  But as they grew, and become bigger organizations with huge audiences, their need to deliver a bottom line to investors become vital.

One of the first places they start to make money is where others are making money from the use of their audience. And in order to do that it meant organic traffic needed to diminish enough to make buying attention a more necessary option.

And so we are left with two choices, hand over some of your profits to get some of the attention you use to get. Or, work a lot harder to get what traffic they are willing to let you have.

But thats not going to stop you and I, is it?

Making It All Work

I have 2 points i’m going to focus on that will hopefully help you get more organic traffic.

The first one is obvious, it’s your niche. I can’t help myself, because a lot of people don’t realize that they aren’t dialled in on their niche. Knowing exactly how to attract the people within it is key, your people, the ones you can help the most or serve the best. They need you to show up like you are talking directly to them. Thats what your content has to do. Your uniqueness, is what will help people recognize you and what you’re about.

It’s a bigger deal than you think, and most people think they have it covered. But they don’t. It might be causing you problems and you won’t see it because it’s in your blind spot. You can always reach out to me if you want to discuss it. You might be surprised at what I can show you.

The second is your website. I’m sorry, but as outdated as this seems. People aren’t using it they way they should. I’ve seen more websites that act as placeholders where important content should be.

You need it to be a destination. For over a decade social media has made you believe your accounts are destinations, they aren’t! At best they are an avatar of you, and it’s a rental. You don’t own it. And you’re in someone else’s house. Your website is your house and you should want as many guests there as you can. Sure you might meet them in social media, but you need to get them back to your place where thy can truly get to know you a lot better.  So they know where you are and know where to find you should they want to visit again and even bring their friends.

Websites are still your online headquarters, it’s not a debate. Focus on it and welcome people in.

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