Never Seen It, Don’t Want It!

In episode 24, the season 1 finale I discuss how something comes into existence, and moves from being obscure to mainstream. That it some how won a large number of people over and now it is commonly accepted or desired. What has to happen to get a product or service to succeed when nobody wants it?  And why do so many products,  and some of them great, never make it?  The main reason, the simple reason is,  no one has seen it yet! Enjoy!

Season 2 Coming in Early 2022

It’s been bee quite an experience producing my first podcast and I’ve learned a lot along the way as I tried to share online marketing information that would help you, my valued listeners.

I promise you season 2 will be even better. new concepts , great topics and probably more a better because of the experience I’ve gained. I really hope you will join me when it releases in early 2022.

I hope you enjoyed this episode. As always, I’m here for any questions you might have and I always look forward to hearing from my listeners.

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