Analyze This and That

One of the effects of a lot of people constantly pursuing the newest platform to become an influencer on, or the latest marketing tactic to grow their audience and business with, is what it leaves behind.  There is still so much opportunity within all platforms and gains to be made from every type of marketing strategy already tried. They still all work really well.

Marketing doesn’t have to be in such a violent state of change to get results. And sometimes something we have long forgotten about still holds some magic to make things so much better. I’m sure almost all of you know about Google Analytics, but you might not be using it to it’s full potential. Most successful businesses that have a website, big or small, depend  on the information it provides, and so should you!

Making It All Work

If I’m going to share with you how to make Google Analytics work for you, I can only direct you 2 ways.

If you have the time and want,  you can teach yourself how to set it up and use it. Google does have an excellent library of information to do that. But it must say you will have to take a very linear approach. Learn it from the basics and upward. It is not easy to just learn the pieces that interest you, there is foundational learning required.  If you’re not completely comfortable working within your own website, it will be a challenge to set up some of the features you want. It’s not impossible, it takes time. Trust me, I’ve done it.

The second choice is to get some help with it. Myself and others are well versed in setting something like this up and being able to get you off to a great start. Also being able to have someone explain the reports or even help you set up custom ones, can help you get ahead quickly. You’ll be able to start receiving data faster and understand what’s going on, so you can create better strategies and make decisions in future. I think this is one of those expenses that has a good return on investment.

As always, I’m here for any questions you might have and I always look forward to hearing from my listeners.
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