This time last year, we could not have imagined 2020 to be what it was. Through the entire year we were always on shifting ground, and it was constant. Entrepreneurs had to make some pretty bold decisions just to adapt and survive. And those decisions became lessons. And the lessons have become culture. And we are taking them into 2021 with a business landscape that has changed.

Even though business online in 2021 will be a continuation of the trajectory of 2020. The very nature of being able to do business online afforded survival and success. And the smart players aren’t going to throw out their investments when the dust settles. I’m going to share what it means when your environment gets a sharp influx of competitors and the bar get raised.

Making It All Work

If you’er going to take one thing away from this episode about 2021 it’s going to have to be about the way you plan to get your message out to the people that need to hear it the most.

You will need to produce content that will capture the attention of people that need to hear it the most.  Which means your message will need to be niched in. You should not let your content create any confusion about exactly what you do. Any confusion you create will only reduce the number of people that should have realized you where the right person they should be connecting with.

And there’s your competition, and you know there will be. you need to create better content in the case of a tie breaker. Not just next year, every year. Your skills should grow to allow you to produce better content consistently. Everyone else will be, I will be and you should be too.

I hope you enjoyed this episode about 2021. I found it challenging to write and discuss without feeling a little dark. But through the process I realized where the opportunities are and I was excited to share them with you. THis was the last episode of 2020. And I consider these first 7 episodes the shallow end of the pool. 2021 will be packed with ultra deep dives into marketing strategies. I’ll be releasing new episodes every Monday and this will work nicely with what is going on for the members of the It All Works Facebook Group were you can find extra content and interactions on each weekly topic. .

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