It All Works Episode 17 - What's in it for them?

What’s in it for them?

Of all the ways we approach creating content to attract and engage our audience or followers. We often don’t have a very clear view of how it looks to the people coming across it on their threads and in their emails. I’m not saying nobody thinks about it.

We are always trying to entertain and inform in some way. But the truth is, most of us do a lousy job at creating content that people would actually look for instead of just coming across. And this will continue to happen unless we can answer the question, whats in it for them.

And that is what this weeks episode is all about!

Making It All Work

Every week in this part of the podcast I try to give you a piece of advice that could help your marketing efforts on the current topic.

And While gathering information to share with you, it comes down to one simple starting point. And it’s actual a point of view.  It’s one that is widely used in retail but it can be applied here.

Simply put “shop yourself”

Which means you need to take a look at what you offer from your potential audiences point of view. And you have to do it in an unbiased way. It’s not as easy as you think.  If you could take all your posts on one social media platform and then put them in chronological order and look at your timing and story line. Look closely for congruency and value. You might notice there is no story line, there is no path. You could discover each post is acting independently instead of together. This is what needs to change.

Change you subject matter too swiftly from one post to the next and you’ll rarely have the same people or additional ones regularly show up. If your timing is spaced out incorrectly, people could tune out.  Shop yourself. And is you don’t feel you got enough info from doing that. Ask someone who will be honest with you what they think of one post to the next throughout a 3 month span.

I know this seems like a chore, but to be honest the vast majority of us aren’t celebrities and it means we need to do the hard work to improve and succeed.  I know you can do it, I’m certainly going to try a lot harder with this. Let’s see what happens.

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