The Six-Figure Joke

I have strongly believed that some of the most effective marketing promotions can be extremely damaging. Unfortunately, because they are so effective they continually are used to catch the attention of a potential client that is desperate and unknowing.

The six-figure joke is not something to laugh at really. It’s something to beware of. There are coaches and consultants that can get you that type of result. Under the right conditions, it can work. But the promise of making over six-figures is broadly used and by the majority who can’t get you there. The promise is to sticky and even though it makes a lot of us look twice, it’s more predatory for those who are desperate.

It takes a lot more than the very basic advice and thin guidance of some big name coaches. Who’s wealthy lifestyles are built on the last hope and sometimes the last dollar of those who don’t know what they don’t know.

In episode 31 I share some different points of view about the problem and some remedies for the coaches that legitimately can help people get to six-figure incomes, and advice for people seeking a six-figure guru.

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