It All Works Podcast Episode 8

The Survey Says

When you think about a survey, what comes to mind? Are there good thoughts there? Probably not. Most people avoid participating in them surveys because thats not how hey want to spend their time, or maybe they don’t want their opinion on the record. Maybe they’ve done one too many.

Getting asked silly questions by someone, for what? And will it even matter.
As a matter of fact, it does. A great deal. If you can can manage to get hundreds of people to give you honest answers. You’re getting very valuable information.

This week I’m Talking about Survey’s and I’ll be going a little deeper into the things you need to consider when planning to do one. There a ways to make the whole project more effective by getting more participation and getting the data you were hoping for.

Making It All Work

If you’re planning on creating a Survey I want you to ask yourself these questions before you proceed.

  1. Why do you need to do the Survey. What the purpose? Is it for Discovery, to increase participation with something , Are you researching something or is there something you need to follow up on?
  2. When is the right time to do? is there something you are doing or some interaction that occurred that would make it the right time to do the survey?
  3. Is the data you’re trying to collect going to be useful? Will it help you improve your business?

The answers to those 3 questions will start to point you in the right direction. From there you can formulate your questions and how you will invite people to participate. And always make sure you’re going after the right audience to so you can get the right data.  If you have any questions about this episode or you would like to learn more about creating an effective survey. You can email me from this episodes page, I love hearing from my listeners.

I hope you enjoyed this episode about Surveys. While researching this I realized there is a great opportunity in doing a survey. And you might see one of mine in the near future (with good reason of course). This was the first episode of 2021. 1 down, and 51 more to go. I’ll be releasing another new episodes next Monday and this works nicely with what’s going on in
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