The December Brand

Ahh… December, this month always has a different feeling. Does any other month feel like this one, probably not. There’s usually  anticipation and excitement,  and sometime it feels like the finish line for the year.  Depending on where you live geographically, the season is intertwined with any holiday you you might celebrate this month.  Your neighbourhood, your street or even your home might transform to represent something that you believe in, that raises your spirits and adds to the feeling you carry with you for the next few weeks.

All these things around you, make this month special, I like to call it the December brand.

I’m going to be talking about branding. It really doesn’t matter what business you’re in. Your brand counts. It’s part of your reputation and it is another piece of the foundation that supports your marketing efforts. That’s why i’ll use December as the shining example, what can be observed, learned and applied, and then take it a bit further.

Making It All Work

Let me help you get this snowball rolling.

You’ll need to accept that you are going to be the first to act and it will need to be relentless and consistent. The good thing is the longer you do it. The easier it gets.

Set a standard of how you want people to feel when they do business with you and create the personal standards you or your team must meet in order to make it happen. Make sure that it is something you can apply to the interactions you have with all your customers and clients, no matter how big or small (naught or nice). Set it high enough to raise peoples feelings towards your brand.

Write them down.
Read them before every call, email, text and chat.
Eventually you will remember them.

If you need to test the waters, do this with one client/customer and you’ll se how soon your actions create a positive response to your brand.

And make sure you keep those standards with your posts, images and videos. Make sure people can see how exceptional your brand really is.

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