Join the Clubhouse

Some of you may already be aware of the new app call Clubhouse. But only a few of you might be on it. This new app has made live audio discussion exciting, and as always we have early adopters getting in there, figuring out how it all works, experimenting and creating a culture that will effect members that join later.

It’s a novel idea, it’s fresh and exciting. And of course there’s plenty of opportunity if we contribute with creatively. We’ve seen new apps launch and it doesn’t take long before the bulk of the market moves in.  What are we going to do now?

Making It All Work

Other than telling you that you should secure your name or club name in this app before it really gets filled up. I want to talk about the content you would share within it.

I mentioned before that there are people building a following using easy target topics for their broadcasts. But they just might be growing an audience that eventually they won’t be able to serve. And when they do try later to get them into a different conversation, people will just drop off.

Like the content you create anywhere else, make sure it’s niched in. If your content is niched in then the audience you build right from the beginning with be the right you can serve later on. You’ll be able to continue to serve them even clubhouse stops being the new shiny thing. You’ll want to connect with the people you serve the best, right away, before someone else does. So make it your mission to stay within your circle of competence and show people what you do best.

Take a good look at the title of rooms you create, or the club you create. Make sure your bio is thorough and gives people a good idea of exactly what you’re about. There’s plenty of room to list out what you do, and where they can find you. Make sure it’s there. Stay niched in and it’s the best chance to be the market leader in this new space.

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