It All Works Episode 15

Fake Cheat Distort

We all know it, there’s a lot of activity online that could be categorized as fake, cheating or even a distortion of truth or reality. And because we might view it that way, it might lead us to look at people’s tactics and think less of them. Some of the big influencers have been taking a hit to their reputation when people found out their large followings aren’t completely legitimate.

it’s been 16 years since facebook launched and all the others have been around for just over a decade now. And the amount of change that has happened within social media is astounding. There have been major shifts of attention, multiple changes to the interfaces and the user experience. privacy and end user policy has evolved.

All these things has changed the way we operate online, ways which we might not try in person. It’s an interesting discussion because for some of it we feel we had no choice. This episode is an open minded point of view about the faking, cheating and distorting online in order to grow and audience or following.

Making It All Work

I will usually give you some pointer to get you started on whatever it is I spoke about in the episode. In this particular case I’m going to advise you to do one thing relating to this weeks subject.

Focus on what you do and how you go about gaining the attention of an audience and how you grow your following. Never mind if your competition is doing things you’re not willing to do. There is nothing you can do about other peoples strategies and tactics unless it’s illegal. And of course if they start to mess with your business, then it’s game on, and you can show them who’s legit!

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