It All Works Podcast Episode 2

Email List Eternal

In this 2nd Episode, I talk about the eternal impact of having an email list as a foundational part of your business. Like it or not email is everywhere, in the background keeping you in the loop. It’s certainly not out of date and if you deny the importance of having one, then you will be serving at the will of other entities that do have email lists.

I’ll discuss what you can do with an email, not just the basics. I’ll share some things you may not have considered so far. Then I’ll tell you about the information an email list can provide and what you can do with it. And finish off with how to optimize your email list experience. If you have a email list or just thinking about starting one, listen to this episode.

Making It All Work

Whether you have an email list or not one of the most important goals you should have is to try and get every person that follows you on social media to get on your email list. And let me tell you why. Because until you do, you don’t have any control. You certainly don’t have ownership. Distribution is not what it use to be and you don’t know who has really seen your message. You can be optimistic about it but you don’t really know unless they tell you they saw it. Social media is awesome, but i maintain it’s for reach. even though you can do lots of fun, creative and entertaining things with it. It won’t always accomplish what you need to do. An email list can help you cross the  finish line.

Over the years, distribution and organic growth has diminished on social media, because rightly so, they need to make revenue to keep the lights on. And it’s not going to get any easier or cheaper. because the online marketplace keeps growing. Customer Acquisition Costs do rise. The best plan is to start as soon as you can to get the people who follow you on to a list and save yourself a lot of money down the road. You’ll likely see revenue sooner rather that later with an email list.

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