It All Works Podcast Episode 19

Becoming a Destination

Becoming a destination isn’t a new strategy, it’s been done on a large scale and it works. So well, it has convinced entrepreneurs not to invest in having a destination of their own. And that’s the problem. In this episode I share how it worked and why you should start creating a destination of your own.

The reason you should think about this subject…

Organic traffic is slowing and that means returning organic traffic is diminishing with it. You won’t be able to count on getting people to see your content on a regular basis. That is why it’s a great idea to become a destination outside of the social media platforms.

Making It All Work

I want you to think about how much time you spend creating content and where are you posting it. I know a large portion of you might put most, if not all your content into social media and all the while your website barely changes a bit over a considerable time.

My suggestion is start reverse engineering this process. Make content for your site first, then decide how you will share it through social media and anywhere else. This makes sure you are creating a bigger destination with more content on your website. It will help with SEO if you have people hitting links to go to your site.

Also, your content is formatted specifically for each platform. This creates a barrier between your site and profiles. Although You-Tube videos are easy to embed on your website, your live broadcasts on other platforms are not. And the dimensions for post graphics are very specific. You’re still best to create specifically for your site and get them to come see it.

Another piece of advice, and you can do this right now. You can take a look at your site and story board from the point of entry where your site might take visitors on a journey. Most sites let people drop off quite fast and quickly all on their own. You can storyboard your new plans for how your content is shared and displayed on your website.

Remember, you’re taking them on a journey, it should be valuable and interesting, and easy.

As always, I’m here for any questions you might have and I always look forward to hearing from my listeners.
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