It All Works Podcast Episode 1

Always be a Little Hungry

Episode 1

The premiere episode is dedicated to to Joseph and Olive, my grandparents. The podcast was launched November 12th, on what was their anniversary. I’ll be sharing a piece of advice my grandfather shared with me, that has helped me through the years. And now it can help others that are trying to grow their businesses online.

I’ll discuss what happened to the novice, amateur and experienced entrepreneurs that made them lose their will to create. That not all pieces of content are equal to each other, because of factors throwing off the results. And it’s time to deal with the reality of how your social media audience can help or hinder the outcome of your marketing. Large or small, only part of it is a level playing field and there is still lots of opportunity to succeed.

Making It All Work

These 2 pages are great accountability tools. Use them on a daily basis if you want to try and get a little more traction with your ideal clients or customers. These support the “Always be a little hungry” strategy, just like Grampa advised.

Page 1 Is the 3 questions you should ask yourself every day or every time you consider not doing what you need to, to pursue you entrepreneurial goals.

Page 2 Is the 5 tasks you should try to do on a regular basis to gain and maintain new connections, foster pasts customer relationships, discover your competition and create a solid content idea. The page is setup for you to checklist your efforts and journal the outcome at the end of the week.

Fill in the form below to get your copy of these pages and then check your email for the download. That’s all you need to do, from now on I’ll let you know about new episodes and send you the downloads without you having to fill in my little forms.

It All Works Podcast – Episode 1
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It All Works has a Facebook group for entrepreneurs that are marketing motivated. I expand on the episode conversations there. Opportunities and challenges are part of the culture. This group is for highly active participating members only, and spectators should beware! Click the group image to join.