It All Works Podcast Episode 5

The Extraordinary Speaker

One of the most rare individuals you will find on the internet, and social media is the Extraordinary Speaker. We know and a good guest speaker when we see or hear one. They capture our attention and keep it longer than most. And it’s not about one particular quality they may have, they have many different things working for them. And we can’t help it, as much as we want to stop that video, their gravitational pull keeps us in orbit. And the longer we stay the more likely it is you will remember them. You might even tell someone else about them and look up other things they have done. Because your first encounter was not long enough, and you have a hunch they have more of what you need somewhere else on the internet. Let’s face it, you have a bit of a crush now.

This week we are going to explore the whole guest speaker and host arrangement and what makes an Exceptional Speaker.

Making It All Work

In this practical part of the episode where I try to give you a useful tip or guidance to nudge your way forward on todays topic. I would really suggest you take some notes from this episode and make some of the exceptional speaker’s qualities some of yours. And be disciplined and consistent about it so it becomes a habit, and then natural.

But since I’m a niche guy, I’m going to give you something practical to try.

I want you to take  close look at who you help or serve. I want you to take a look at the needs of your niche. And understand what they need to hear from you so they know it’s for them. And, so they know you are the right person to listen to.

Be as precise as you can be. The more precise the better!

The next thing you should do is review you existing talking points. Take a look at all the different presentations and speeches and interviews.  Review them, and see if  they fall in line with what you need to share with your niche?

One of the most common mistakes we can make is being a little too broad or off-topic. When this happens, I call it muddying the water. Because the audience actually has a very narrow set of expectations when it comes to your content. If we drift too much, we can lose the people we can help the most.  By doing this exercise you might come up with more specific and impactful speaking points.

If you’re just getting started then, lucky you. This is your chance to create a list of topics that are tailored to your ideal audience without creating any confusion.

I hope you enjoyed this one as much as I enjoyed creating it. In future episodes I will come revisit the topic of speaking online and go into different aspects of it to help you reach your goals. You can catch future episodes automatically by subscribing and get next episodes as soon as they are released. I’ll be uploading new episodes on Monday’s from now on and this will work nicely with what is going on for the members of the It All Works Facebook group.

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