Launch Something That Can Orbit

When entrepreneurs try to launch a new product or service, how different can it be from all that goes into launching an actual rocket into space. Physically it’s very different, but in theory, not so much.

There is a surprising amount of things people overlook. They get extremely focused on creating the product, but then overlook all the other elements that contribute to a successful launch.

You don’t have to wait until you have a product to sell to get prepped for such an event. Being ready to launch is something you should be prepared for. There are stages to this. Skip any of them and you can can reduce you expectations immediately.

The launch sequence to anything you want to sell is a very serious endeavour and there are things you must do to make sure it’s a success. In this episode I’ll share some great points about what you should do to help you with your next product launch, so you can get that thing in orbit and enjoy hitting those sales targets you set.

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