Closing Sales Before You Pitch

Have you ever made your mind up about a purchase before  they gave you the sales pitch? Sure you have, so have I. When I did,  in that moment I was sure the purchase was what I wanted and needed. Being able to accomplish this might be a little different, but it’s more fun than trying to close a sales with a pitch and a lot of extra effort. In this episode I share what contributes to the sale that closes before you pitch.

We discuss things that need to happen before you even pitch and important things to include in all your content when you talk about your product or service. You can increase closing rates just by moving some of the tasks you do in a pitch, right into the content you share before you even tried to pitch them. If you’re struggling to close sales or don’t like doing the pitch so much, this episode is for you.

Making It All Work

Two things you can do to get you started improving your sales are very easy and they are necessary.

First you need to DETECT and look for the signs where the problems are.  You need to take a close look at what happens when people consume the content you provide that is directly related to your product or service. Is it the posts or blogs that get the least reads or views, lower engagement and less interactions? When this happens it means they are detecting a pitch and they aren’t even close to wanting to hear about it. They don’t like the approach. It could be the copy or the bluntness of it. They haven’t warmed to the idea of buying from you so they might show it by avoiding that content.

If you’re doing a webinar presentation with a pitch at the end, and your audience leaves during the pitch, there is definitely something wrong. And you’ll want to fix it before you waste more time doing things for results that don’t cover costs, or pay the bills.

The other is to TRACK every bit of information you can about the sales you do make, and the ones you don’t. It’s important to do this instead of accepting the results, and not fully understand why they were what the were. There will be things about the sales you did make that will show you what you have done right, and the same for the sales you didn’t make.

It’s valuable information to know what particular thing failed you. Finding out if your audience was not the people you’re meant to serve, or that your value statement failed, are two very different problems. It’s important to know which one needs to be addressed. It’s a good idea to follow up with people and respectfully ask for their opinion. By doing these things, you will should be able to see opportunities to improve your closing rate, and work towards closing more sales well before the pitch.

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